Training and eating correctly is the only equation in a successful bodybuilding or fitness endeavor.  If you could eliminate months or years of mistakes, you would be further ahead of the competition.  I will direct you in the best way to keep progressing and  attaining your goals.  There are so many different ways to work out, but I hope I can open your eyes to the rights and wrongs and how to know the difference.  There are no shortcuts, only hard, consistent work.  Nutrition is a major part of it, no shortcuts there either.  Make sure you don't waste your time trying to find the easy way out or do the least you can in the gym.  You will make it easy for your competition to smoke you onstage.   I'm living proof that you don't have to be ridiculously ripped, or the biggest man onstage, just the best overall physique.  With that said, pay attention to your training as much as your nutrition and you will be successful.

Competing is an overwhelming feat.  It can be the best thing you ever did on a personal level.  It can teach you  how much you can do to change your physique or how you feel about yourself.  Posing is the only way for you to show your physique.  I will show you how to present yourself in the best possible way.  Knowing how to display yourself correctly can make a huge, and I mean HUGE difference in your physique and your placement in competition.  If you want to look your best, you have to learn how to pose distinctively.

Training With The Best Makes You The Best

            Competition and Posing



I want this website to be fun to look at, full of photos, and for anyone wanting to compete or thinking about competing. If you are needing new workout routines,  a new psyche or wondering how the hell  someone training since 1975 still want to TRAIN?  I get  many comments from people over the years,  most are simple questions but some are laugh out loud hilarious.  Here's a few of the top  questions I get and my favorite answers:

How do you stay motivated and what do you eat to look like that?

       I love the feel of looking and feeling good, I like to be healthy so I can do what I want.... because its easy to not do anything and feel like   

       crap as you well know, right?  hahahaha sorry, had to tell it like it is...and I eat mostly lean meats, lots of veggies, rice, potatos, just good

       clean foods.  I do have fun stuff too, my metabolism allows for that.  But it runs much better on foods that aren't canned or boxed.

How did you get into this?

      Like any other kid I saw Arnold and was in awe of him.  I started lifting immediately and wanted to compete by the time I was a teenager.

      I liked weightlifting contests and when I went to one it turned out to be a bodybuilding show.  I entered and I'm pretty sure I placed dead last.

      I made sure that didn't happen again.  I got some guidance from local Pro Carlos Rodriguez, and and won the teen Arizona 3 times!  He

      instilled good posing in me.  That and watching the pros at the time, Ed Courney, Sergio Olivia, Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Casey Viator, and my

      all all time favorite, Mike Mentzer.

Does everyone in your family look like you, do they train, how do they tolerate your lifestyle?


     A few of them are serious lifters.  My brother and I trained together all throughout junior high and high school and we still work out here

    and there, he looks great.  My little sister is a former Ms. Arizona overall bodybuilding champion and we train together when we can!  My

    wife is a former Ms. Arizona overall winner too!  We won the Arizona Mixed Pairs together as well.  My 19 year old daughter trains with

    me almost every day and she's a chip off the old block!!    There is rarely a holiday that doesn't include the entire family training in the gym. 

    Brothers in law included all training at the same time in the home gym "THE TORTURE CHAMBER"  Sometimes all of this is a bit much to take,

    but  we do have a lot of other things going on that don't include lifting.  We have 3 horses, mine is a mini horse, 2 dogs, and all the work that they entail!




Something very interesting here, much more than just my daughter.  This kid has seen it all.  From her high chair to gym daycare, to my seminars, to posing clinics to all of my contests.  She has heard, seen, and watched me train people since she was born.  She trains with us daily, AND she can hang with the best of them Sunday Morning Mass.  She has participated in my posing clinics as a bodybuilding competitor.  Casey can teach someone how to train, compete, pose and get ready for a show better than most trainers I know.  I've listened to her make small talk to my clients and friends and this kid is a wealth of knowledge.  She says she never wants to compete, but she did want to try a 5 week pre-contest diet so she can say she had done it and truly understood all it entailed mentally and physically.  She attacked it 100%, and did it like she was getting onstage at a pro show. For this she got a photo shoot with Susan Thiele for her efforts.  During the shoot several competitors walked up and asked her if she was going to compete and this is what she said.  "I don't need a judge to tell me what placing I got. To me, I did what I set out to do and won the overall"  Something tells me that she is the smartest bodybuilder in the world.  She did it and there was no mental anguish, no stress, no disappointment in placings, and just a great memory of what she can do!  SHE IS AN AMAZING YOUNG WOMAN AND WE ARE VERY, VERY PROUD OF HER!!!

Posing With Distinction

Photo by Gary Philips