Personal Training for Competition, Sports, Rehabilitative, Wellness or Health?

How do you want to reach YOUR GOALS??

I've been training myself since my junior high years, and yes, that means I've been competing since about 1975.  I have been training people from all walks of life and and all kinds of sports for decades.  Through my years of experience I have trained an amazing amount of WINNERS for bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique.  I have also trained competitive skiers, runners, golfers, bicyclists, wrestlers and football players.  I have trained other pro bodybuilders in all of the federations to correct physique flaws or update their posing skills.  I personally have had 4 shoulder surgeries, and have helped countless people with their rehab training.  The years of experience I have had making people realize their goals is very satisfying but even more so for my clients.   I have had people who have come from unhealthy backgrounds whether being overweight, drug addictions, years of bad eating, osteoporosis, sicknesses, or just overall bad health.  Many older clients are learning they must keep healthy as they age.  To have someone with years of experience is of utmost importance.  Your goals are attainable.  I have the experience to make those goals within your grasp.

I'm proud of my clients!!  Diana on the left realized her goal of being an IFBB Pro Bikini competitior.  Karleen on the right is a nationally ranked Physique competitor! 


Kim has changed her physique quite a bit since I met her, she went from long distance runner, put on some muscles and now is a figure competitor!  Here's a pic from her 1st show!!!!    GREAT JOB!

I've trained hundreds of people over the past 20 years with a very large majority of them winning their classes and/or overalls.  These folks being the most recent.  If you'd like to be honored on this page, please send me your photo!!

These are a few of my most RECENT clients, I have a few hundred people over the past few years but those photos would take up the whole site.


There are many packages available from hourly, weekly and online.  Depending on what your personal goals are, I would need to speak you directly as each person is so different.  Email me and we can get started.  

This is Lily,  NPC  Figure Excalibur 2012  & 2013.  She's got an amazing physique, can you believe she squats 225lbs ??  Respect to her!

Roger Vartanian kicking ass winning his last show!!

     (and a member of the hellacious pump club!)

I started training James and over a year and a half later he went from 113lbs and is now 185lbs. Not bad for a teen, eh?   This guy knows how to train HARD