Posing is the only way to show your physique to its absolute best to judges and photographers.  If you can't pose well and I mean WELL, you aren't going to convey all that hard work to its big moment onstage OR in a photo shoot.  It doesn't matter if you have the best physique if you can't present it the way you want it to be seen.   I've seen hundreds of competitors lose higher placings, overall wins, and photo shoots due to not being able to show it well enough even if you do have a better physique! 

My posing instruction can be either group or individual instruction.   Your first instruction will be a private class so you know how to do the basic mandatories correctly.


This is run very similarly to a pre-judging.  I take a full lineup or a few at a time and call out all mandatory poses and correct you and others as you go.  This can be all men, all women or mixed, it depends on who signs up.   This has proven to be a lot of fun for the competitors as they help each other out and egg each other on.  It makes for a much more fun experience.  Each lineup can watch each other and understand why I make the corrections as we go, this helps you learn WHY I'm correcting you and how foot and arm placement make a difference in different physiques.  After mandatories are completed we move onto more individual style posing in which you will learn many different poses and how to transition between those poses.  After a few classes EVERYONE in these classes can fluently "SPEAK" bodybuilding posing language and can knock off at least 15 to 20 poses fluently, smoothly and effortlessly without shaking, or stumbling through.  You will learn how to do all types of posing, kneeling, pivoting, arm and leg placement, all with ease.


I offer individual classes for those who don't want to pose in a group, or prefer the privacy of one on one instruction.  You will learn all the same things from the group class.



Depending on how many shows are coming up and who calls, there's

no way to know how many are going to show up on any given Saturday.

Sometimes its a small group like this, the most was over 30 guys and I had

to divide them up on different times so everyone got enough instruction.  Typically anywhere from 5 to 10 men or women to a class, and typically by showtime, all of these people are good friends and help each other out backstage.  After my clinic, you won't need anyone with you backstage because you are VERY well versed on what to do.  I personally don't like to go backstage because I want to see how you do onstage and typically Francy is close to the front doing our famous "hand gestures" to some of you who are nervous and forgetting what to do.

I tell everyone to come to me at LEAST 6 weeks prior to your show or even 9.  The best do it that way and this is why:

At the beginning, everyone is NOT in contest shape and some are not even in good shape at all.  BUT, you will learn to pose all mandatories WELL and do them effectively to YOUR PHYSIQUE.  No one is the same and some people need different things.  As we go, you will learn an arsenal of non mandatory poses that will make forming a routine easier as we will find poses that accentuate YOUR type of physique.  As the weeks count down, you get better every week, you also have to answer to the group every week.  The competition I've been told is the weekly Saturday posing sessions and the shows are almost anti-climatic.  By the time the show rolls around, everyone is a UNIT and work backstage together.


Send me an email if you want to be updated on the next posing clinic!